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Placing things in the center

When HTML was created the <center> tag was simple enough to position images and text. So you’d think that in modern coding this would be a basic tool, it is because nothing much has changed but it can get a bit frustrating at times, so here we look at ways to achieve it by force.

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remedy the jumping header

Everyone has this problem because the first thing you do after installing WordPress and a theme, is to use the customiser to adjust menu size preferences. And here lies the seed for a problem that cause the pages to jump slightly when they are loaded. Don’t fret It’s easily fixed.

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Create more columns in Divi Builder

Sometimes you need more than four columns. You can use a plugin to add more but what if you need varying width sizes, well then there’s an easier way, float a number of divs to the left and give each a specific width. Here’s a very basic intro on how to do it.

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Fix duplicating timeline items

When you apply CSS to the standard box module for example adjusting the top margin of the Relevant Posts box at the bottom of a post page, this affects elewhere in places like the timeline where each month has its own timeline module.

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