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Month: February 2017

Change program icons in Windows 10

Windows 10 takes quite a shift away from previous versions in terms of design by bringing settings together under a cleaner and crisper control panel, and in terms of how things are done, as you’ll find a few familiar things are no longer available.

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Force your browser to ignore the cache

Sometimes all you need when your coding is to save your tweak and refresh the page, but that can get confusing when your browser cache refuses to look at the new version. A little encouragement for your browser and it can be achieved.

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Create a custom Log In screen

So everybody is familiar with the standard WordPress Log In screen but you may want to add a background image , especially when you have many WordPress installs, and you’re regularly flicking between Log Ins, it can be much lighter on the eye.

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Fix weird media icons and search symbols

You install a fresh WordPress and DIDI theme then on checking your sample page you notice the search icon is a capital U instead of a magnifying glass and media icons are all empty square shapes. It’s a simple fix.

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