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Change program icons in Windows 10

Windows 10 takes quite a shift away from previous versions in terms of design by bringing settings together under a cleaner and crisper control panel, and in terms of how things are done, as you'll find a few familiar things are no longer available.


The MySQL database

When working with SQL files there comes a time when you cannot upload because the file is too large but increasing the max limit is not as easy as people tell you. This post solves the issue by using a great little program to split large files and upload them again effortlessly.


The Divi Blog

With the Divi theme comes the Divi blog layout and with Divi Builder comes the Divi blog module. The module gives great scope in the ability to design a blog page and place the blog exactly where you want it on the page, however the blog design itself is very basic and does need tweaking.


meta keywords

What are keywords and why should you be bothered about them if at all? It seems that a lot of fuss is made over something that is quite frankly a waste of time but there are meta tags that can be extremely useful.


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